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This is Sandon Badminton Club, your favourite club in Essex.

We play on four courts on Wednesday nights from 7.30 to 10.00 pm at Sandon School, Chelmsford and we play with high quality feather shuttles. As we are playing in the top divisions of both the Chelmsford and Braintree leagues, you will be able to play excellent games in a great social atmosphere.

So, why donít you come along to match your skills against players, of whom some have previous and current county experience....



Ė CORONA VIRUS - 16th March 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As you will be aware the Prime Minister made a further statement today regarding the Covid 19 virus. The government have now escalated advice for the public to avoid  bars/pubs, clubs, Theatre and non-essential social gatherings 

We at the Chelmsford and District Badminton Federation have been following the developments closely , and whilst we have a bias to keep badminton  being played both socially and competitively, it is clear that the situation is becoming more serious and we must all do our bit to avoid the spread of the virus. ¬ We also have a duty of care to all of our member clubs and in turn the members that support them. 

As such it is with regret that we have come to the conclusion that the only course of action left is for us to suspend with immediate effect  the badminton season until such time as we are able to safely conclude the remaining fixtures. 

This means that any un played matches, in any of the CDBF leagues and any unplayed matches in the plate and shield cannot now be played until  further notice. 

At this stage we are unable to say when that will be, but will be  monitoring all government advice very closely. We will keep posting updates on the CDBF website as things develop. 

Clearly this will have a knock on effect for the summer league and also the  tournament. We are unable to say if these events will go ahead, but as  it stands it is CDBF intention to conclude all competitions with which  it is involved. We have taken this action as being the best course for  all member clubs and the wider community. 

It is of course up to each individual club to decide what actions are  appropriate as regards their own club night, because as it stands and to the best of my knowledge all badminton venues are still open. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I regret at this early  stage I will not have all of the answers. I appreciate clubs will have  commitments with hall bookings etc that may not now be required, so I  would recommend clubs do what they can to mitigate costs. 

As you will understand this decision has not been made lightly and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your help and  support in these unprecedented times. 

Best Regards 

Jim Roberts

Chairman Chelmsford and District Badminton Federation.


I'm sure you will all be aware of the Corona virus by now, and while the threat to the UK may be minimal at the moment, we still want to do our  bit to minimise any chance of spreading it.

We are therefore asking that when matches are completed, you lightly touch rackets with your opponent rather than shaking hands. This action is being taken across a number of sports in this country and many others  around the world. This will apply to matches in the Chelmsford District, and tournaments that we hold and we also ask this be implemented on your club nights as well.

We would also ask any club members who have upper respiratory infections (however mild) to avoid club nights and matches for the time being.

This shall be in place till the end of the season or until there is news that the virus has been contained.

Thank you for your help in this.


Ceri Turtle

General Secretary



BRILLIANT NEWS...Braintree Tournament wins for

Wilfried & Robin in the mens doubles final (in three sets, winning 21-20 in third set after 9-17 down)

Clayton in the mens singles final (very tight games, winning in three sets)

Janice & Clayton in the mixed final (close games, also winning in three sets)

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